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Citrus High School Chorus
Welcome to our website!
Canes Chorus!

The Citrus High School Chorus is located in Citrus County, is over 100 strong, and is proud to be part of the “Hurricane” family. With a variety of music ensembles and instrumental opportunities from beginning level to advanced, every student can find a musical style all their own.

Our director, John Edel, graduated from Northern Arizona University with a degree in Music Education and has been working at Citrus High School since January 1997. He is also a member of ACDA, FMEA, MENC, and FVA, in which he served as District Chair for 2005-2007. Mr. Edel was also selected as Citrus High School's 2011 teacher of the year.

You hear time and again of the importance of Arts in Education, and the correlation between a solid music curriculum and success in academic areas. Please take a moment to follow this link to learn more about these benefits.

The CHS Chorus offers a supportive atmosphere that works toward unity within the group to obtain the best possible sound. Students in chorus also receive a high-quality music education and many life lessons. Through working together, the students create friendships that last a lifetime. The fact is that most students that join chorus… stay in chorus.

Themed concerts, holiday shows, festivals, field trips across the state and country, and a wide variety of individual musical opportunities are just a few things that the CHS Chorus has to offer. Come and join us and let’s make some music!

“Always remember where your vocal chords are located…
Halfway between your head and your heart.”

~Rene Clausen