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Rehearsal Schedule
Chamber Choir - Monday & Wednesday 2:30-4:00
Category 5 - Tuesday & Friday 2:30-4:00

Officer Meetings Thursday 2:30-3:30

Con Brio
Con Brio, Mr.Edel's first block, contains mostly first year chorus students. The name Con Brio is Italian for "with life". This title is suiting because the new students in the class breathe new life into the chorus department. In Con Brio, students learn proper singing, breathing and posture techniques, in addition to beginning to learn to sight read.

Concert Choir
Concert Choir, Mr.Edel's second block, is more of an advanced chorus class. It has students that have already taken Con Brio or have proven to have the skills taught in first block. Concert Choir continues to perfect posture, breathing, and sight reading. The music learned in Concert Choir ranges from traditional to contemporary chorale songs.

Chamber Choir
Chamber Choir is an after school, audition-based, group. Students who audition for Chamber Choir must have a moderate ability to sight read and match pitch. The term Chamber Choir comes from the time when kings and queens would have musicians perform in the court chambers. Basically, it signifies the small amount of people in the group. Chamber sings music from as far back as the Renaissance Period, and for special occasions, some well known classics. Chamber Choir frequently performs in the community during the Christmas season.

Category 5
Category 5 is an all-girl, contemporary a capella ensemble. This group also meets after school. The name Category 5 hails from the five voices present, Soprano 1 & 2, Alto 1 & 2, and Vocal Percussion. Cat 5 sings popular music a capella, as well as classics. Cat 5 performs at various school and community functions, and Solo and Ensemble MPA.

Breez' is Mr.Edel's fourth block. Breez' is made up of both vocalists and instrumentalists. Students must audition to be a part of Breez' in the spring, to participate in the fall. Breez' performs a variety of show music ranging from jazz to contemporary pop. Breez' can often be found performing at middle and elementary schools, as well as competitions and festivals such as Solo and Ensemble.